This documentation will show you how to take your promotion and set it up on Facebook inside of a page tab.

1) One-Click Install

ViralSweep offers a one-click install of your promotion to your Facebook page. Simply hover your promotion in your dashboard and click the install button. Next, under the widget, click the dropdown menu and choose Facebook. Then click the purple install button.

2) Choose a Facebook Page

Choose a Facebook page to install your promotion to. If you do not see your page in the dropdown menu, check to make sure you are an admin of that page first.

3) Complete Install

Once installed, click the button to go to your Facebook page to view the promotion.

4) You're finished!

That's it, the promotion is now installed on your Facebook page. You can use the share link we provide you with to share the promotion (this link will work for desktop and mobile users), or you can click edit if you want to add content above or below the promotion.

Still having trouble with adding your campaign to Facebook? Simply click the support or live chat icon to get in touch with us.