1) Add tags or fields to ConvertKit

ViralSweep can attach any tags and pass through certain fields to ConvertKit subscribers. Before connecting your ConvertKit account to your ViralSweep campaign, be sure to do the following:

  • Tags: Add tags to your ConvertKit account that you want to pass through to subscribers coming from ViralSweep. We can pass through as many tags as you'd like.
  • Fields: Add fields to your ConvertKit account that you want to pass through to subscribers. We cannot pass through custom fields, however we can pass through the following default fields. You must use these field values for the fields to pass through.
    • Email Address (already provided in CK)
    • First Name (already provided in CK)
    • Field value: last_name
    • Field value: address
    • Field value: address2
    • Field value: city
    • Field value: state
    • Field value: zip
    • Field value: phone
    • Field value: birthday
    • Field value: refer_link
    • Field value: refer_source_url
    • Field value: campaign_name

2) Get your ConvertKit API Key

To get your ConvertKit API Key, log in to ConvertKit and click on the Account tab at the top and find your API Key under account settings.

3) Connect to ConvertKit

When setting up your promotion, go to the Connect Email Service section and click on ConvertKit.


4) Choose a form and tags

Once you successfully input your API Key and click the connect button, we will reveal your ConvertKit forms and tags. Simply choose a form from the dropdown menu, and choose any tags you want to add to subscribers and click connect.

5) You're connected

That's it, you're all set. Your promotion is now connected to your ConvertKit account, and we will send any data right into that ConvertKit form.


If you have connected your campaign to ConvertKit and data is not being passed to your form, these are the most common reasons as to why:

Email already in ConvertKit form
The email address entered into the promotion may already be in your ConvertKit form, so it will not be added again.
Email already entered into ViralSweep
The email address entered into the promotion has already been entered into the promotion previously, so therefore it is not passed to ConvertKit. This can happen if you set up your ConvertKit integration after you have already entered the promotion.
User did not opt-in
The user did not click the link in their double opt-in confirmation email that was sent to them. If they don't click that link, they won't be added to your form.
Delay in reporting
ConvertKit is having a delay in reporting. Try checking again in a few hours.

Changing the double opt-in email

ConvertKit has the double opt-in requirement in place in order to ensure that you are building an email list of high quality leads that want to receive emails from you. This is a necessary requirement to keep your spam complaints low so that you can have a high delivery rate. The standard double opt-in email that ConvertKit sends out is something you will want to tweak in order to have it apply to your sweepstakes, which will help increase your opt-ins.

Here is how to change the content of this email:

1) In your ConvertKit dashboard click on the form you want to edit

2) At the top of the form options click on settings

3) Click on Incentive Email

From here you can edit all the text of the opt-in email that will be sent out. We suggest changing the text of the email to relate it to your promotion. A good example would be "Thanks for entering. Please click the link below to confirm your entry." Then change the text on the button and make it say "Click here to confirm entry."

Disable the double opt-in email

You have the ability to disable double opt-in so that email addresses are automatically added to your form without people having to confirm anything.

Here is how to disable the double opt-in email:

1) In your ConvertKit dashboard click on the form you want to edit

2) At the top of the form options click on settings

3) Click on Incentive Email

4) Uncheck 'Send incentive / double opt-in email to confirm new subscribers

Disabling double opt-in may not be the best thing for you. Keep an eye on your unsubscribe and spam complaint rates, as these numbers will usually go up if you turn off double opt-in.

We're here to help

Still having trouble with connecting to ConvertKit? Simply click the support or live chat icon to get in touch with us.