This feature is only available on our Business and Premium Plans.


The email notifications feature allows you to automatically dispatch an email to an entrant the second they enter your campaign. This email can come from your own email address and company name, and the content of the email can say anything you would like. In addition, you even have the ability to drop in your own email template.

Use Cases

Here are a few different use cases for using email notifications:

  • Thanking someone for entering and providing them with information about your company.
  • Thanking someone for entering and encouraging them to share with friends.
  • Offering a discount or coupon code as a thank you for entering.
  • Offering a free e-book, white paper, or other download as a thank you for entering.


When setting up your campaign, navigate to the Email Notifications section.

From Address
This is the email address that the email will be sent from. Input your company email address here.
From Name
This is the name of the person or company that the email will be sent from.
This is the subject of the email that will be sent out. Be sure to keep it clear and concise and do not make it misleading or deceptive.
In the body of the email, we provide you with a default message that you can use, along with parameters that you can utilize. The body field accepts both plain-text as well as HTML. If you currently have an HTML email template that you use, you can copy and paste it into the body field.

We provide you with several parameters that you can use when sending your email. The current parameters that we provide are:

This will add the users first name if you have the name field added to your campaign.
This will display the users referral URL.
This will display the email address of the person who entered the campaign.
This will display the end time of the campaign.
This will display the URL of the users contest submission.
This will automatically recognize the user has already entered and will show them the post-entry page. The use case for this is if you want them to be able to see the post-entry page from any device (for example, if they enter on desktop then go to your campaign on mobile they will have to enter again). Another use case for this is if you are using Facebook Lead Ads, the user can submit the lead ad, then when they get this email notification, they can click the link we provide with this parameter and it will show them the post-entry page instead of the entry form. Click here to learn more about this feature.

View & Test Emails

Once you have input the proper information, you can view the email you have put together by clicking the view email button, or you can send yourself a test email.

The test email feature is purely to see what the email will look like. We do not fill in the parameters in the test email, so you will not see a referral URL, or the end time, etc. If you want to do a live test of this where all the parameters are filled in, save your campaign and enter it to run a live test.

We're here to help

Still having trouble with email notifications? Simply click the support or live chat icon to get in touch with us.