This documentation will explain in detail how to use the Entry Redirect feature.


The Entry Redirect feature allows you to automatically direct people to any page that you want after they enter the sweepstakes.

By default, when a user enters the sweepstakes they will get taken to a post-entry page that allows them to earn bonus entries for performing actions like sharing and referring friends.

If you wish to override the post-entry page, and instead want to direct people to a different URL, you can do that with the Entry Redirect feature.

Please note: if you enable Entry Redirect, entrants will no longer see the post-entry screen with social actions. Instead, they will be taken to the URL that you input under Entry Redirect.


Select the Entry Redirect feature under Engagement when putting your sweepstakes together. To enable, toggle 'Redirect upon entry' to Yes, then input your URL.

Please note: Using the Entry Redirect feature will automatically overwrite any other settings you had in place for the default post-entry page. For example, if you input all of your social profiles and wanted to award bonus entries for actions, you will no longer be able to do that if you are using the Entry Redirect, as people will instead be redirected to the URL you input.

Pass Data

If you would like to pass name, email address, and phone number through to the redirect URL, simply append the following to the end of your redirect URL.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I redirect people to different URL's on each of the template styles?
No. When you input a URL to redirect people to, that will automatically be applied to all of the template styles (full page, widget, lightbox).
Can I redirect people using one template style, but not the others?
No. If you use the Entry Redirect feature, it will automatically overwrite the default post-entry page that we use. So if you input a URL to redirect people to, then people entering from the full page, widget, or lightbox styles will all be redirected to that URL.
Can I disable the redirect at anytime?
Yes. Simply toggle the redirect to off to disable it.

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