This feature is only available on our Business and Premium Plans.


Geo Targeting allows you to deliver the sweepstakes to certain users based on his or her geographic location. For example, if your sweepstakes is only open to people in the United States, you can enable this feature so that anyone who visits your sweepstakes outside of the United States will not be able to enter.

Please note: We only provide targeting based on country. We do not currently provide targeting based on state or region.


To enable Geo Targeting, go to the Security section when building your sweepstakes and click on Geo Targeting.

Toggle 'Limit Geographic Access' to Yes.

Click the dropdown menu and select the country or countries that you want to add.

Any country that you choose will show up in the 'Allowed Countries' section. This means that only people in these specific countries will be able to see your sweepstakes.

To remove a country, simply click the X icon.


If you enable Geo Targeting, anyone who is visiting your page from 'Allowed Countries' will be able to see your sweepstakes and enter.

For anyone who is visiting your page from a country that is not listed under the 'Allowed Countries' section, they will see this:

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