This documentation will show you how to take your promotion and set it up on Clickfunnels.

1) Add or edit an existing funnel

If you already have a funnel created, simply edit it, otherwise create a new funnel of your choice.

2) Edit your funnel

Once you are inside of the editor, add a new row, then add a new element and choose custom JS/HTML.

3) Paste in ViralSweep code

Copy the code from your campaign from within ViralSweep. Next, click on the custom javacsript/html section and the editor will slide out on the right side. Simply paste in the ViralSweep code.

4) You're done!

Simply click save, and then preview, and you will see the ViralSweep form load on the page.

Still having trouble with adding your campaign to Clickfunnels? Simply click the support or live chat icon to get in touch with us.