Social Actions allow you to incentivize your entrants with additional entries into the promotion by having them perform a variety of different actions.

The following actions are currently supported:

Facebook Visit Page Facebook Visit Post FB Messenger Subscribe
Twitter Tweet Twitter Retweet Twitter Follow
Instagram Visit Page Instagram Visit Post Pinterest Pin
Pinterest Follow  Refer Friends Refer Friends via Email**
Snapchat Follow Twitch Follow Google+ Follow
YouTube Subscribe YouTube Watch Video Answer Questions
Podcast Subscribe Upload Photo** Share to Facebook
Share to Twitter Share to Email Share to Google+
Share to LinkedIn Share to Pinterest Share to SMS
Share to WhatsApp Share to FB Messenger Share to Telegram
Visit Website Download App Entry Codes**
Custom Actions** Static Coupons Dynamic Coupons**

**This feature is only on the Business and Premium plan.

Enter the campaign below to see all social actions:


When building your campaign, go to the Social Actions section to begin adding actions. On the left hand side you can choose from a variety of different actions. Simply click on the action and it will be added, and then fill in the required fields needed for the action. To add multiple actions from the same network (like multiple Instagram pages), simply click the action again.

Tracking Actions

The way actions are tracked and awarded will vary due to the API's of various social networks, coupled with their platform policies. On some actions, we will award entries when the user simply visits the social page. For example, we cannot track if a user has subscribed to your iTunes podcast, so the bonus entries are awarded when the user clicks to go to your podcast page. For other actions, like Twitter Tweet, you have the option to have the user authenticate and we can track that they actually Tweeted.

We're here to help

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