ViralSweep allows you to create flexible form fields so you can collect any data that you want from your entrants. Some of the main benefits are:

  • Create required or optional fields
  • Add as many form fields as you want
  • Use our pre-made fields, or create your own custom fields
  • Modify all form field text, placeholders, and error messages
  • Drag/Drop to re-arrange fields
  • Set required values so a user must select a specific answer
https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/NGPhhY4gCWUeC_gWLbU-FKQnR_YDhuujRWBGtiu0wA0/ZlQZtIpY27Kv16IF4-ppvBAqsLEmg08Oz6a39RYpCIw/Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 9.07.31 AM-Jdk.png

The following field types are currently supported:

Disclaimer - Show a disclaimer over the promotion with buttons a user must click on (e.g. Are you 18 or older? Yes or No).

Name - Collect First and Last Name.

Address & Address Line 2 - Collect Addresses

City - Ask the user to input their City

State - Dropdown menu of all US States.

Zip Code - Accept zip or postal codes. Set a minimum length. Allow numbers, letters, or both.

Country - Dropdown menu of all world countries.

Birthday - Collect birth dates and set a minimum age to enter.

Phone Number - Collect Phone Numbers.

Agree To Rules - Require the user to check off a box before entering.

Newsletter Subscribe - Ask the user to opt-in to your newsletter. If you use one of our email integrations, we will not pass data to the integration unless the user ticks off this box.

Captcha - Require users to complete a captcha

Entry Code - Require entrants to input a code in order to enter. Upload a file of all valid codes and we will validate against them.

Payments - Collect payments or donations from users

GDPR Disclaimer - If you are collecting data from users in the EU/EEA, you can add our GDPR disclaimer.

Text Field - Open-ended field that can be customized to collect any data.

Text Area - Large text-area that can be customized to collect any data.

Dropdown - Create a dropdown menu with your own options. Set a required value the user must choose if you want.

Autocomplete - A field that allows you to input as many options as you would like and as users type into the field it autocompletes based on what they are typing. Learn more.

Radio - Create radio options. Set a required value the user must choose if you want.

Checkbox - Create checkboxes and allow them to be required, optional, and even pre-checked.

Multiple Checkboxes - Allow users to select multiple different options (e.g. "Pick 5 of your favorite foods from this list").

Content Block - Add additional text to your form anywhere you want (e.g. insert a legal disclaimer right on the form).

Re-arrange Fields

To change the field order, simply click and drag on the left side of any field.


We're here to help

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