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Our Multiple Languages feature allows you to create one campaign and translate it into several different languages. The benefit of this feature is that you do not need to create separate campaigns for each language you want to run it in. Each language you create will appear in a drop down menu at the top of your promotion, and users can simply switch the language of the campaign to their native language.

Test out this example:


Watch the video below for an overview on how to use the Multiple Languages feature:


Set default language on the entry form

If you would like to set a default language on the entry form that appears on every page you embed it on, simply click and drag the language to the top on your promotion.

Force a default language on pageload

If you're running your campaign in several different languages and embedding that campaign into several different pages that correspond to the respective language, you can force a language to appear on pageload.

An example of this is if you are running your campaign in English and French. You might have a URL that goes to '' and a URL that goes to ''. When someone views the /en link, you want to show them the campaign in English, and when someone views the /fr link, you want to show them the campaign in French.

To do this, simply include the below script directly above the code snippet for your campaign on the pages you embedded it on.

var vs_language='233';

233 is the variable that needs to be changed here, to correspond with the proper ID of the language you want to have appear.

To get this ID, simply click edit on the language, and in the address field you will see the ID you need to use.

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