When you first build a campaign, it will start out in Test Mode. Test Mode allows you to run tests on the campaign to ensure everything is working as expected before you are ready to start driving traffic to it.

Please note, your start date settings and your spam filter settings do not take effect while the campaign is in Test Mode. For example, if the campaign is set to start in a week, anyone can still enter while in Test Mode. In addition, if the spam filter is set to high, but the campaign is in test mode, you can enter multiple times.

All entries that occur within test mode can be seen by hovering your campaign, clicking on the entries button, and then looking at the test tab on the entries dashboard.

When your campaign is finalized and you are ready to start driving traffic to it, simply hover the campaign and switch it to Live. You can switch between test and live mode at any time. Once the campaign is set to live, your spam filter settings will take effect, and it will also respect your campaign start date (if the campaign is not set to start yet, the form will not be open for anyone who sees it).

I forgot to switch the campaign out of Test Mode.

No worries! Simply hover your campaign, click the Entrants button, and on the top of the entrants dashboard click on the Test section to switch the view to entries that came in while the campaign was in test mode.

Next, if you want to validate all of these entries, simply scroll to the bottom and click on the Validate All Test Entries button.

If you only want to validate certain entries, simply select those entries on the left hand side, and then click the validate button in the top right corner.

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