This feature is only available on our Business and Premium Plans.

The Source Tracking feature is an automated system that will track (if possible) two different sets of URL's for you from each entrant.

The first URL we will track is called an Entry Page URL.
This is the URL in the users browser at their time of entry.

The second URL we will track is called a Referring URL.
This is the URL the user came from when they entered your campaign.

For example:

Let's say your campaign is under

You post this URL on your Facebook page. Someone clicks on it, then enters your campaign.

Under Referring URL we will show
Under Entry Page URL we will show

Entry Page URL and Google UTM

The Entry Page URL reporting is especially useful if you are sending tons of traffic to your promotion through various Google UTM links.

The Entry Page URL feature will report the full URL that was in the users browser at their time of entry, including the UTM parameters.

Please note: We may not always be able to track the Referring URL or Entry Page URL for a specific user, depending upon if their browser is preventing us from retrieving this data.

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