The Events Mode setting under the Spam Filter should only be used when you are in an environment where you want the system to automatically collect every single entry that comes through your form AND when you want to be able to quickly reset the form so the next person can enter.

Some examples of this include:

  • Hosting a sweepstakes or contest at an event or tradeshow
  • Hosting a sweepstakes or contest internally at your company
  • Hosting a sweepstakes in retail stores
Please note: The Event Mode setting will disable cookies on the entry form, which means right after someone enters you can refresh the page to get back to the entry form so someone else can enter. This means that if you set up any bonus entry actions, they cannot properly be tracked as our system does not accept cookies using the Events option. If you want people to be able to earn bonus entries and or they are entering from their own devices, use the Off setting.

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