Running comment giveaways on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube can be a great way to drive up engagement and increase your likes, followers, or subscribers. However, manually managing these campaigns can become a burden, especially when it comes to drawing winners.

ViralSweep's Comments app solves this issue by allowing you to aggregate comments across any of your Facebook posts, Instagram posts, or YouTube videos in order to see post analytics, including who has left comments, how many comments each person has left, and you can even randomly draw winners. Through our Comments app you can:

  • Manage Facebook comment giveaways
  • Manage Instagram comment giveaways
  • Manage YouTube video comment giveaways
  • Aggregate all post comments and pull them into ViralSweep as entries
  • View comment insights on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube
  • Award multiple entries for those who leave multiple comments
  • Randomly draw winners from all those who left a comment

To see a full list of features, see: Comments App Features