ViralSweep's Milestones App allows you to build, run, and manage Milestone campaigns right on your own website, on Facebook, or you can even use a direct link to your Referral campaign that we provide.

Tiered Referrals

Add tiers of prizes to your campaign and designate how many referrals a user must achieve to unlock each prize. Users can share their unique referral link with their friends and watch in real-time as they get closer to unlocking a prize.

Through our Milestones app you can:

  • Collect data from users, like names and email addresses
  • Set up tiers of prizes and designate how many referrals are required to reach each tier
  • Provide users with a unique referral link that they can use to refer their friends
  • Send automated emails to anyone who unlocks a prize
  • Integrate with any email marketing service or CRM
  • Embed your Referral campaign on any page
  • See real-time analytics and social data

To see a full list of features, see: Milestones App Features

For examples see: ViralSweep Examples