ViralSweep's Referrals app for Tiered Rewards allows you to reward your best customers for referring their friends. With our tiered rewards system, you can reward users with different prizes as they earn more and more referrals. Simply configure prizes and the number of referrals needed to unlock them, and users can start referring their friends to unlock each tier.

Getting Started

1) Create your Referral Campaign

Start a new Referral campaign in ViralSweep, and start by filling out the Title, Description, and Duration of the promotion.

2) Add your prizes

Now it is time to add the prizes that we want to give away based on the number of referrals a user earns. Click Add Prize.

referral prize

A new prize will be added, and you will need to configure it by adding:

1) Prize Title: The name of the prize that will be displayed for users.

2) Message title: A message that users will see when they win.

3) Message description: A description of the prize or how users can claim their prize.

4) Prize Image: Upload a prize image.

5) Button: If you want to link to a specific URL for that particular prize, you can add a button.

6) Referrals needed to unlock: Input a # to indicate how many referrals a user must earn to unlock the prize.

prize layout

Hide Until Unlocked: Each section contains a checkbox that will allow you to hide any of the content, images, or buttons until a user unlocks the prize.

prize settings

Finally, you can dispatch an email to the user as soon as they unlock a prize. This email can contain more information on how the user can claim their prize. Click Save Prize when you are done.

prize email

3) Configure Referral Actions

In order for users to refer their friends, you'll need to configure our referral actions.

social actions

Refer your friends: This action will display the users referral link that they can copy and share with friends. In addition, you can add additional sharing options for the user to click on, like sharing to Facebook and Twitter.

Refer via email: This action will allow users to type in the email addresses of their friends, which will dispatch an invite to that friend containing their referral link.

Please note: Refer via email is available on our Business and Premium plans only.

4) Configure the rest of your campaign

The rest of the configuration options on your campaign will not be covered in this tutorial, however, once you are done filling in the rest of the options to configure your campaign, click Done.

5) Seeing your Referral Winners

While your Referral campaign is running, you can always click the Winners button on the campaign to get a full overview of who has unlocked a prize.


How can I test my Referral campaign before setting it live?
To test your campaign, be sure to set the spam filter to Off so you can enter as many times as you want with different email addresses to try and refer yourself. If you unlock a prize while testing, you can see this under the Winners section.
How can I tell if someone is cheating?
We have many protections built into the system to prevent fraud, however, it can still happen in unique cases. If someone has a lot of referrals and you think they may be cheating, feel free to contact us to investigate.

We're here to help

Still having trouble setting up your Referral campaign? Simply click the support or live chat icon to get in touch with us.