On the Business Plan you can host campaigns and invite brands to join your campaign via the Partner Network or via an email invite.

You can also use our Find Partners feature which adds your campaign to the Opportunities tab of the Partner Network, allowing all brands in our network to see the campaign and apply to join it.

You can assign the following permissions to brands joining your campaign:

Access Entries - Allow partner brands to access the entries on the campaign, including names, email addresses, and any other data collected.

Access Entries with threshold - Allow partner brands to access entries on the campaign only after they drive a certain amount of entries to the campaign. For example, a partner must drive 500 entries before access to entries is automatically unlocked for them.

Edit Campaign - Allow a partner brand to edit the campaign

View Analytics - Allow a partner brand to view the campaign analytics

Access Winners - Allow a partner campaign to see the winners of the campaign and or draw winners.

We're here to help

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