To apply to campaigns, navigate to the Opportunities tab of the Partner Network. 

When applying to campaigns, you have the option of including Campaign Contributions, which the host of the campaign will see before they decide to approve or deny your request.

Tip: While contributions are optional, we always suggest providing some type of contribution to increase your chances of a host accepting your request to join their campaign. Remember, you're competing against other brands to join, so you need to stand out!

Contribution Options

Provide A Prize - Indicate the prize you'd like to contribute to the campaign and the approximate value of the prize. 
Email My List - Indicate your email list size that you would be promoting the campaign to.
Social Posts - Indicate which social networks you would be sharing the campaign on, and what your audience size is on those networks.
Leave a comment - If you want to leave a comment for the brand to read along with your contributions, you can do so with this feature.

Updating A Request to Join

If you submit a request to join a campaign, and it has not yet been accepted or declined by the host, you can simply update your contributions and click the Update Request button which will automatically update your request for the host.

We're here to help

Still having trouble applying to campaigns? Simply click the support or live chat icon to get in touch with us.