What are invalid entries?

If your entrants are being marked as invalid, this is due to your spam filter settings. 

If your spam filter is set to high (the default), your campaign is restricted to 1 entry per IP address. This means if someone has tried to enter multiple times with different email addresses but from the same IP address, their subsequent entries would be marked as invalid. 

There are certain situations where a user will be marked invalid and they are not cheating. For example, if you have two or three members in a household all entering a campaign while your spam filter is set to high, then only the first person who entered will be marked valid, while the others will be invalid. You can manually validate these people under the status column of the invalid tab. 

If you are at an event, and you forget to set your spam filter to events mode, then all the entries coming in from that event will be marked as invalid if users are entering from the same device or IP address. Be sure to use events mode when running campaigns at an event.

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