This message will appear in certain browsers that block 3rd party cookies by default, such as Safari and some newer versions of Firefox. Safari implemented a policy in late 2014 to block 3rd party cookies (which ViralSweep uses) so a workaround has to be implemented in order for the user to enter the campaign. Please read our full FAQ below on why this happens and what we use as a fallback for users that see this message.

For most users, all they need to do is click the enter button and it will reload the promotion and they will be able to enter.

In newer versions of Safari, the Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) will prevent a user from being able to get past this screen. As a fallback, we will automatically force the user to the ViralSweep URL if they click the enter button a second time and we detect that Safari or Firefox will not let them access the page due the browser blocking 3rd party cookies.


You can change the content of the cookies disabled message by clicking edit on your campaign and going to the language section.


Why does your app show this message but other apps I use don't?
Most apps you may use, like email popups, require a simple form submission which does not require additional tracking of a user beyond the form submission. Since ViralSweep offers the ability for users to continuously earn points for performing actions and referring friends, we need to use cookies to track users and the actions they complete.

Clicking on the button takes me to a different page, or a dead page. What's happening?
Please edit your campaign, and under the landing page URL section, make sure you have input the correct URL of where your campaign is.

My cookies are enabled, why is this message showing?
First-party cookies and third-party cookies are two different things. When a user visits your website directly and you add a cookie to their browser, that is a first-party cookie. On the flip side, when you embed ViralSweep into your website it is considered a third-party cookie because the form is being served up by ViralSweep but the user is on your website. Once the user clicks the enter button on our form they are accepting cookies from ViralSweep and the message will disappear.

I'm clicking enter button but the message keeps appearing. 
This means your browser is set to block 3rd party cookies OR the browser has blocked our cookies entirely. As of 11/27/2019, we've added a fallback that will take the user directly to the ViralSweep hosted page if we detect their browser has fully blocked our cookies. The way this works is the user clicks the enter button the first time, and it will redirect them back to your page with the message still appearing. It is at that point we know cookies are being blocked, and when they click the enter button a second time, we know to send them to the ViralSweep hosted page so they can enter.

We're here to help

Still have questions regarding the cookies disabled message? Simply click the support or live chat icon to get in touch with us.