1) Add the Yotpo Review Action

When setting up your campaign, go to Social Actions > Yotpo Review. From this view, you can customize the title of the action, choose a product for people to review, and assign the total number of entries to award someone for leaving a review.

2) Connect to Yotpo

Click the Choose Product To Review button and input your Yotpo App Key and Secret Key. These can be found in your Yotpo account by going to Account Settings > Store > API Credentials.

3) Choose a product

Once connected, we will return a list of your products that users can leave a review on. Select a product.

Once you select a product, we will connect it to the review action on the campaign.

4) You're done!

Users can now earn additional entries by reviewing the product or products that you've added. We automatically will pass the review to Yotpo via their API and it will show up in your Yotpo account.

For the end user, this is what they will see when leaving their review:


Reviews are not appearing in Yotpo
Yotpo has a delay from when a review is posted to when it will appear on the product. In addition, if a user has not completed the verification of their review via email, it will not appear.

We're here to help

Having any issues setting up the Yotpo Review action? Feel free to shoot us an email or click the live chat button on this page.