This feature is only offered on our Premium plan.

1) Contact a ViralSweep Agent

Contact a ViralSweep support agent to add the Bazaarvoice integration to your account.

2) Add the Bazaarvoice Review Action

Once the Bazaarvoice integration has been added to your account, you will have access to it within the Social Actions section when building a campaign.

When setting up your campaign, go to Social Actions > Bazaarvoice. From this view, you can customize the title of the action, as well as fill in the fields in order to insert the Bazaarvoice review widget into your campaign. 

The following fields are supported:

  • Product ID
  • Category ID (optional but will override Product ID)
  • Campaign ID (optional)
  • Client Name
  • Site ID
  • Locale

Once these fields are filled out, the Bazaarvoice review widget will appear within your campaign.

3) You're done!

Once users fill out the entry form, they can then earn additional entries by reviewing the product or products that you've added. We automatically  pass the review to Bazaarvoice and assign points to the user when the review is completed.

For the end user, this is what they will see when leaving their review:

Once a product is selected (if you are using the product picker) the review form appears:

We're here to help

Having any issues setting up the Bazaarvoice Review action? Feel free to shoot us an email or click the live chat button on this page.